Changing Sheet (Instance) Label Parameter for Nested Family (Non-Shared)

Hoping someone can help me out with this problem I’m having thats a little bit of a hack to get to work.

Our title sheet families have a Status Code label parameter assigned to a nested family (non-shared Generic Annotation, can’t be changed to shared) which is changed depending on the drawing status. The script below uses Data-Shapes to allow you to assign a Status Code to individual sheets.

In a previous script version I was opening each sheets, collecting the nested family ID’s and then writing that parameter to the Title sheet family. This didn’t work, to my understanding, because the nested family ID is different between the project and the Title sheet family.

I got around this by having one sheet view with all my Title sheet families copied for each Status Code I need. This allowed me to collect all the nested family ID’s for each Title sheet family and map this to the title block in the sheet views.

It works but I’d like to improve on it by not having the view with all the Title Sheet families / status code variation. I’m not sure how to go about it, simply writing the family name to the parameter doesn’t work, it seems to require the ID, maybe it’s possible to do in Python of which I know nothing?

Anyone come up against this before able to help or shed some light?

Title block Families:
Portrait and Landscape

It won’t let me upload the script image:
Set Sheet Status Codes.dyn (188.9 KB)

Haven’t checked the families, but have you assigned the nested family to read a parameter value from the titleblock family?

Yeah thats exactly it, in the project I have to select the title block family to change the label.

The script selects all the title sheets, filters out the ones not needed and sets the label parameter to the appropriate status code.

What kind of parameter type is the status code? Is it just text or is it a family type selector?

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It’s a Generic Annotation family.

We actually have both Generic Annotation and a text parameter in the family but this is a different story all together, I have the text aspect working without issues.