Create a curve by following the coordinates using for dynamo

Hi everyone.
I need to create a curve by following the coordinates and I can place the coordinates with the adaptive component. Determine the coordinates needed for the curve on the curve and add a tunnel on it. I am waiting for your help in this matter.
I tried loaded dynamo codes but I did not get results.
Thanks for your help.

I need to create a curve by adding the x, y, z coordinates and place the tunnel in these points plane.

TunelKordinatıEkleme ve Bölme.dyn (34.4 KB)


after running your script with a 2 Point adaptive Family, I get a tunnel in a straight line. Not quite sure where you want the start and end Points of your curve to be located at. If you want to have “just any curve” for modeling purposes, you could try something like this.

Make sure you get the coordinates in each list to match the number of adaptive Points in your Family.

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Thanks for your help. The following coordinates are specific. We can create a curve with these coordinates and plot the tunnel drawing on the coordinate following the curves.