Create a Collada (Lumion) Export from Revit w Dynamo - Touchless

Users here wait and wait and wait for these files to generate. I want to make a dynamo player ready script so I can run it at night via an automated server.
I will have to tell the script to open a 3D view, the lumion plug in won’t work otherwise. Clarity (server software) will target the project and open a local copy so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that.

Anyway, it looks like there are some good nodes that will accept an input but I’m otherwise stuck.
I will need to tell the dynamo script to open an already created 3D view first. The only way this will be touchless is if the dynamo script calls up a specifically named view that has already been created. “3D View Lumion Export” or something like that. It should already be set up, turning off or on categories.


You can begin like this to select your 3D view :

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You could also check to see if the view exists first, and if not, create it. That way your script doesn’t fail if someone forgot to create the view.

Sounds good. I will have to remember that.

Ok, I got that part, it works, thank you.

Now for the export. I have spent some time looking through this list but I’m not sure which one will actually call up the action to export the view to a collada (Lumion) file. Anyone see anything that jumps out?

How we can download Package “LumionPlauginForRevit” for Dynamo? I can’t find it in

Have you had a look on the Lumion website?

That would be my best guess for a starting point :slight_smile:

Hi, tnx, I have this plug in for revit. I don’t have this in dynamo. in this gif, that plug in is in dynamo too.