Counting Plumbing Fixtures for each pipe (Upgrade)


Hi guys,

I posted a topic about counting plumbing fixture last year but I haven’t had any answer about it.
I don’t understand if this is because it’s not possible to do it or it’s because it’s too complicate…

Please see my previous topic:

Can anyone give me a help please?
Thanks again for your help guys… I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


What have you tried in the two years or so since the last post? Any ‘bad ideas’ you’ve tested out to some degree would help.

Can you share a Revit 2017 or older model with that type of a base dataset, and all connections properly made? Ensure they have flow going the right way and are connected back to the supply and all that jazz.

I’m not on the systems side of things so this would be a very low priority for me to spend too much time on.


While I don’t think this is impossible, you would need an understanding of the Revit API to get this to work. I have 2 nodes in my MEPover package that you could break open that might get you started as they do kind of the same thing (iterate over a connected network) but with ducts. You’ll need to have an understanding of python though.


@T_Pover, looking over your package was exactly where I was going to start. :smiley: exactly where I was going to start.

If that didn’t work I was going to consider getting connected pipes and fittings by using matching endpoints/startpoint pairings. When I got to the fixture was going compare that point to the open endpoints of fixtures. If they all align then they are connected (or you have a garbage model).