Counting Duplicate Lists within a List

Hi all,

I am trying to count identical lists, within a larger list. I have looked through the forum, but the answers have not worked (I think because there are list nesting issues I do not understand). I’ve attached an example of the data I have, and what I want to have (a new list, with a count of identical lists.)

Thank you!

Not too pretty… but it does what you’re after :slight_smile: (The bottom image is simply a “NodeToCode” version of the top image) :slight_smile:

ConcatString.dyn (35.2 KB)

I’m using the Orchid and Clockwork packages :slight_smile:

t5 = Orchid.List.IndexOf(t6<1>, t7@L1<2>);
t8 = DSCore.List.Flatten(t5, 1);
t9 = DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex(t8@L3<1>, 0);
t10 = DSCore.List.Flatten(t9, -1);
t11 = DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex(t12@L3<1>, t10);
t14 = DSCore.List.Flatten([t13,t11], 1);
t15 = DSCore.List.Transpose(t14);

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Works perfectly! Thanks a lot!