Corrupt DYN files

I am running Dynamo 2.0.1 and am having an issue with my files becoming corrupt. Nearly every one of my scripts are becoming corrupt and crashing Revit when I try to open them. Is this some known issue? I don’t have a lot of backup files, and even those are crashing when trying to open.

View Setup_step1.dyn (71.8 KB)

Ok weird. I was able to open the script in notepad, save as a new txt file. Then changed that extension back to DYN, and that file opened fine. Is there a reason I am able to do this? This makes no sense to me.

Not sure what your issue was, but I am able to open the file you provided without any modification. Any chance you’re on a cloud mirrored drive of some sort?

Could have come upstairs and asked me lololol. See Revit crashes when loading a script with archi-lab and Clockwork nodes