Copying Wall.inserts not working as expected

As part of a larger script, i’m trying to get the inserts of some walls, deleting the wall and placering the inserts in a new wall.

I have tried making a smaller script wher i just copy the inserts and the place them again, and the deleting the original inserts. Just so i know the copy fuctions works as intended.

In the first image, i have frozen the delete part of the script. So i get the copy fuction to work.
But when its unfrozen (see image 2)

I don’t get the inserts corretly even thoughI have put a passtrough note, so the original ones should first get deleted after i have data from them. But it dosen’t seem to Work as intended

I’m kinda of stuck here as i can’t really seem a way aroung this problem… any suggetions how to proceed?

Wall need a line, not the point.

Hello…you could try set location or insert them again in new location with family instance by host and point from Spring…PS det ser dejligt ud med julegaver kl. 13.30 :wink: :slight_smile:

it’s not the wall i’m trying to recreate, but the inserts from it :slight_smile:

the problem is that I lose data from the inserts, if i choose to delete them later in the script. See pic 2.
So i can’t really place idencital instances in the same postions because of that?
It’s like i loose the data of the inserts instantly even tough a have put a passthrough node to make sure i get the data before they are deleted.
I havde tried placing this passthrough multple places, but with same result :neutral_face:

Haha ja kunne godt se den lige var kommet med, men tænkte hvad fanden :laughing:

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aha so you will insert them again the same place, can i ask what the goal is here ??

Håber det var nogle gode gaver :wink: Søren

this is actually part of another script, where I split walls by their layers, and make new walls of these.
Thats part is working fine now.

I then need to replace all the hosted elements back to these new walls. Thus i’m have created this small script to get that part working, because i hit the same problem about getting the data when the orignal walls was deleted :no_mouth:

Det var det! :innocent:

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Probably it could be done with the node “data remember” from GD design…ps havent tried it :wink: or export import the location via excel