Copy wires?

Hello, is there an easy keyboard shortcut to copy wires from one node to another. For like when you have a node that is waay off screen and it is connecting to a node that is directly in front of you and you want it to connect to an additional node that you just placed on the screen. Can you like select the wire, hit like ctrl or shift or something and then duplicate the wire and drag it to the new node? That would be sweet.

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To my knowledge no. Please, someone, correct me if it is possible and I do mean, please.

My workaround is to copy the node with the wire, pull it out and place it into the new node, then delete the copied node.

or you can use a code block to transfer the information. This helps keep a graph clean too.


There is a pending Pull Request for this on the GitHub page.


Agree with everyone that’s a no… but (if you didn’t know) you can copy the node by holding control while dragging, which might speed you up slightly (this also works in Revit) fingers crossed for the inclusion in a recent update :slight_smile:

I do a lot of Steven’s suggestion, re-titling the code block if it has to travel serious distance…