Copy LinkElements to Host (Bimorph), but only elements visible in the Host view

My office’s workflow uses several levels of nested links for housing projects. This works well inside our BIM360 network, but under certain circumstances we’ve had the need to copy the whole building to a single unlinked model. For this, we’ve come to rely in Bimorph’s “LinkElement” class nodes, which allow us to painlessly copy all elements to the host, no matter how many levels of nested link we have.

This worked well until Design Options were added to the mix. We have Design Option through all levels of linked models, and carried over to the top host model by linking views all the way up (plan, elevation, sections, and 3D). I expected there would be a way to collect a list of elements currently visible on a given view (either 3D or Elevation, where linked models have their design options carried over through linked views), but now I realize it’s not that simple.

  • The built-in “All Elements In Active View” ignores linked models.
  • Bimorph’s “LinkElement.OfCategory”, which I used up until now, collects every element from every design option included, and I don’t see any related node that would help me filter through it.
  • By searching through this forum I found out about Data-Shapes’s GetLinkedELement.InHostViewAndCategory, which seemed to do exactly what I need, but unfortunately it also includes every element of every Design Option, even the ones not visible in the input Host View.

I realize there are ways to get the “Design Option” property value within each LinkedElement -> Element, and it should be possible to somehow filter through them using this property, but unless there is a way to get a list of “Design Options IDs active on the current Host View”, it sounds like it would involve a lot of case-by-case adjustments. I imagine the ideal solution would not involve selecting individual Design Options, but rather using the top level host view as a filter, where all the visualization adjustment are already made through the linked views.

Any leads on this issue would be very appreciated