Copy linked levels to current view and rename ones on same level

OK I am having a hard time getting my head around this one. We have 2 different templates a schematic design template and the construction document. once the SD is complete we copy it into the CD and run with it. Here are the steps.

  1. we use tool to select all the elements and record all of their phases
  2. Open up the new CD template and link in the SD project.
  3. Manually rename and create the Levels to match what is in the SD (Need to do this because if you bind in a link with the levels included it creates 2 different levels at say 0,0)
  4. Bind in the Link without including the levels.
  5. ungroup the previous linked file (binding creates a group for moving)
  6. run the utility to place all the elements on the same phase as it was in the SD.

That’s it. not that hard but I tell you people cannot follow directions and keep messing it up. this process works fine but I want some way to automate the manual renaming and creating of the levels.

I have 2 dynamo scrips right now to run on the source and 1 on the target to achieve the proper phases .

Thanks in advancelevels.dyn (18.1 KB)

Level.ByElevationAndName accepts a list of Elevations and a list of Names to produce multiple levels. You can Element.GetParameterValueByName off of your watch node to retrieve both of these lists from your linked model list of levels.

In this approach the levels would be unassociated with the linked model (no copy/monitor relationship).

Cool got is started. but why is the levels not Floor related (Blue) they are just referenced levels. is there a way to make them floor related?

You will have to make new views based on the new levels. This is not an automatic thing that happens.

So is that a no or can you make the views with the levels. I know I can make views and levels but can you tie them in together?

You can. Out of the box, Dynamo has a few view creation options. Try searching the client using “ByLevel”, you have have to use multiple nodes if you want floor plans, ceiling plans, structural plans, renaming the plans you just made, etc… the next few steps tend to be more specific to your workflows, naming conventions, and intended use.

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