Write data to multiple tabs of a excel file

Hi everyone,

quick question, is there a way to write data from dynamo to excel but say, you want to write data to different tabs (sheets) in the same excel file, is this possible?


I don’t know if a single Excel write node will support that…maybe.
I just copy the Excel write node and point it to the same excel file. Seems to work fine.

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It looks like it’s supported feeding in lists, but I’m not sure how you would handle the data portion properly. I would go with @Jeff_Shaver suggestion for ease of use unless someone else has anything on this.


Thank you for your input guys,

problem solved! :slight_smile:

Bumblebee supports writing to multiple excel sheets at the same time:



Konrad you Bad Monkey! :slight_smile:

thank you, this nodes are really helpful

Update for Dynamo 1.3.2, you can just use the OOTB and List@Levels and it works out fine as well.