Copy element(s) to level

Please, I do not know why that script does not work Capture

What kind of element ate you trying to copy?

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I try column and footing

Column might need two values for host - top and bottom - so it may not work. Structural framing by curve is a safer bet. Just get the location line of the original and shift the start and end point to the Z value of the level you want it to start and stop at, make the new curve and then make a new column.


Any reason why you’re not using Revit own UI “Paste aligned to selected level”?


To speed the process, make filter to the specific elements and copy them

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I am having a similar issue with this node.

i just keep getting Null returned?

the reason i want to use this node instead of the copy to specific level, is because we have alot of objects to select, and copying them manually will be really tricky.

any advise would be great.

When i go into the custom node, this is the issue i believe…,

how do i get these nodes? i have both stringnodes and clockwork.

ignore the orchid label