Copy Drafting Views to Revit Master File

Hi Dynamo Users,

First of all thank your time and knowledge;

I have about 1000 individual files that contains one drafting view. My objective is to consolidate all the drafting views into one single Revit file. The plan in concept is to open each Revit file and run a script that will: extract the drafting view and transfer/copy the drafting view into a master file that will host all the drafting views.

Script below shows the only way I found to successfully to copy a drafting from a “closed” Revit file that contains the drafting view to the “open” active blank Revit file. The problem with this is that I need to manually change file path to import the next drafting view and run it again.

Does anyone know a way to automate this last part? or maybe… Reverse the logic of the copy from “open file” to “closed” path file?

You can do this to collect multiple files.

(I would create a folder and test two or three files inthat folder before executing on a larger set.)


Thanks m.owens!

I actually tried something similar at the beginning, but somehow this time we made it work. Here what I was able to put together for the final solution.