Copy Custom Room Values To Corresponding Spaces

I’m pretty new to Dynamo & trying to perform a relatively simple task. There are values in a shared parameter in the architect’s room objects within the linked architectural model. I want to transcribe those values to the matching spaces within our host HVAC model. I’m having trouble with the linked room objects not being in the same order as the space objects in the host model so when they are being transcribed the values are landing in the wrong space. Something I also noticed is that the room quantity does not match the space quantity. This is because the spaces have been cleaned up to not have any unplaced rooms where they still reside in the architecture.

I need help with:

  • Removing the unplaced rooms from the list of rooms being captured.
  • Sort the linked Rooms by number
  • Sort the Spaces by number

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello, first Unplaced rooms: Remove unplaced room from list

Found that after my post, my apologies. So I now have the room/space quantities matching up

Second sort by parameter values: Sort view list
Should it be enough? :slight_smile:

Success!! Thanks for the help!