Coordonnates volum

How to export the coordonnates of points of volum selected (select model element) by dynamo to excell .
comment recuperer les cordonnees X ,Y des sommets d un volume selectionné et l exporter vers excell

Sounds like you’re asking how to recover the X, Y coordinates of the vertices of a selected volume and export it to excel.

Start with your solid geometry.
Geometry.Explode node.
Geometry.Explode node.
Curve.StartPoint node.
List.Flatten node.
Flattened list into a Point.X node.
Flattened list into a Point.Y node.
The X and Y values into a List.Create node.
List.Transpose node.
Excel.WriteToFile node.

You’ll need some other inputs for the excel but I’m sure you can figure that bit out.

Thank jacob can i see the dynomo script or screen shot. Script to do it i can not arrive to do it

My cpu is tied up with a Refinery run for the next… 12 hours or so. Maybe more.

Basically, try what you have and I can comment on it/mark it up, but I can’t do the work for you.