Coordinates without point dynamo does not allow them

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when importing the csv do I care if point and the coordinates become very high and dynamo does not allow such extensive coordinates as setting to equal the csv and keep the point?

Csv Coordinates Example

93205.0990,107754.9015.0.0 when importing it generates them to me

932050990 1077549015 0

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al importar el csv me importa si punto y las coordenadas se vuelven muy altas y dynamo no permite coordenadas tan extensas como configurar para que importe igual al csv y mantenga el punto?

Ejemplo Coordenadas csv

93205.0990,107754.9015,0.0 al importar me las genera

932050990 1077549015 0

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Try converting csv in Excel

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Trata de convertir el csv en Excel

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