Coordinate table with revit

I have made a script where I calculate the point and the coordinates of the object selected in revit. I have modified the family to give me the information obtained from dynamo (properties of the object is correct), the problem is that I do not get the data in the tables.
Thank you
Hormigón-Redondo-Pilar-coordenadas.rfa (328 KB)

it’s a shared parameter ?

I don’t know what you have with shared parameter. the pillar family is moon copy of the one that comes by default in revit and added the parameters of x and y
Thank you

To show a parameter in a schedule, it needs to be a shared parameter (not a project parameter)

So- delete the parameters from the family, create a shared parameter (using the same name if you wish) and add it to the family & project. Run Dynamo to populate the new parameters, then display in the schedule

see the answer @Andrew_Hannell

ok. thak you