Change sheet name to title case from a linked model?

Is it possible in Dynamo to change sheet names coming in from a linked file from UPPER CASE to Title Case?

Of course.
Use the ToTitle node.
in Python it is simply mystring.title()

If they are linked then not that I am aware of. Discuss with the model author if they can adopt a consistent approach for text case.

Thanks for the responses. I was not able to push the change of Title Case back to the linked model, of course, to see the change in the host model…didn’t think about that issue. Used ‘Select.GetDocuments’ and ‘Get All Elements From Linked Model’ nodes from package and got close, but couldn’t set that parameter by name due to it being a linked model. See image included.

I suppose this could be expanded on to create Data Rows in a sheet schedule to match the sheet names from a linked model to allow for the desired case control, but coordination with model author is a good solution.