Convert Text to Geometry

Hello Guys, I’ve developed my Text Font to work with my Revit projects, it worked very well for my problems when I used to deliver the projects in PDF (This format exports font too), but I had to create a DWF output, which doesn’t embed the font in the final file. There’s my problem!

It’s very hard to give the font with a project, lots of clients have problems to install fonts, so I’m trying to develop a way to pass this problem, in AUTOCAD I can just explode the text and export the document, but in Revit, it isn’t possible. I’ve thinking if is there any way in dynamo or python node to explode all texts from my project or even convert then to geometry or any other option to export the complete file to DWF

Best regards.

yes checkout the DynamoText package - currently it only supports one font, but if you want to use others, checkout this PR:
you’ll need to build it yourself at this point.