Convert Polylines with global width to closed polylines

Does anyone would help with a script to Convert Polylines with global width to closed polylines (border) ?

Hi @MohamedR.Nasreldeen,

Here’s one way you could try by using the PolyCurve.ByThickeningCurve node. I’ll add a disclaimer that this might not work perfectly every time. There is a bug in the current version of Dynamo for Civil 3D where sometimes PolyCurve.ByThickeningCurve doesn’t respect the input normal vector. It was supposedly fixed in Dynamo Core v2.9, but that probably won’t find it’s way into Civil 3D for a while. Read more here:

Also note that the ObjectExtensions.GetParameterByName node is from the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

Hi @mzjensen
I tried it here and it seems working, but I tried to convert the dynamo geometry (polycurves) to cad polylines using (Object.ByGeometry) node it returns null. I don’t know why

Use the PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry node from the C3D Toolkit


Thanks @david_licona
It worked perfectly

Hi… I was trying to use the same script to generate boundary of polyline width. But ObjectExtensions.GetParameterByName showing null ouput.

You can skip the “Object.Geometry” node. You already have the objects from “All Objects of Type” and then you can get all information you need from that node

Many thanks. It worked. Do we have any way to extract the boundary for a dashed polyline? I mean breaking the dashed PL into individual continuous polylines.

Don’t think so. not sure if the global width actually exist or if it’s imaginary…