Convert Polyline with close spaced PVI to proper geometry polylines/polycurve


I am trying to find a solution for the geometry of line and arc. I have a polyline with closely spaced PVI (points) i want to convert this polyline in to a proper geometry polyline with arc and lines. is it really possible to get a the required output ?

Thanks alot for all the help

Hi @shahid.shaikh_C3D,

I don’t have a Dynamo solution, but you could look into the Line.BestFitThroughPoints and Arc.BestFitThroughPoints nodes.

For a non-Dynamo solution, maybe try the FITCURVEFEATURE command or Create Best Fit Alignment?

@mzjensen Thanks for the reply,

though it can be a simple solution but the best fit alignment needs some input about Maximum radius as well as spiral and its not that accurate. (100m radius is converted to 95.401m) bellow image but still acceptable one.

And to use the best fit line and best fit arc the points should be filtered out …so that certain points wll be used for best fit line and remaining for arc.

Correct. And you’d probably want to ensure tangency between elements. Doesn’t sound like a simple task. And you’d probably want to compare the end result with the original curve to check relative distances at each vertex, right? The best fit alignment tool does that I think.


yes, its not a simple task. I could think of logic of calculation of angle between points /Lines to filter out the points for best fit line/Arc but getting exact point of start or end of arc will be tricky and then it might violate the tangency too.