Convert Parameters from List to new Parameters from List

New Dynamo user, and can use some help.

I’m trying to automate converting linestyles from imported cad details to linestyles in our template. I can generate a conversion list will enough in excel but I’ve only figured out how to convert each line of the list one at a time and script gets real bloated. Is there a simpler way to run this as a list? I’d like to stay away from Python if possible.

1.Your graph is missing most of Names of Linestyle. You have to join them to make each list.
2. You can easily get you want by using Dictionary.
See attached.

Thanks. I figured out how to sequence through the list one at a time which works set to Automatic until is runs out of items to change. But is there a way to apply the parameter change directly applying the dictionary key to the list.

You cant use linestyle names as they are, you need to convert them,
I used a python code from Konrad… see attached

Conver_LineStyle.dyn (18.8 KB)