Convert grasshopper algorithm to Dynamo quickly

Can we convert grasshopper algorithm to Dynamo quickly ?

Why don’t you just use Rhino.Inside?

It is currently in WIP and only works if you are using Rhino7 WIP version, but it’s pretty stable from the times I have tested.

A straight up conversion isn’t as simple as just translating the nodes and logic (although that would get you 70-90% there) due to several factors, one being the difference in the way the data is structured in GH vs. Dynamo. Also, the input/outputs to the nodes are different as well, and the nodes in each can be subtly different in what they actually do and return. So, you would really need to rebuild the graph node by node in all but the most simplest of cases imo.

Another way is to not rebuild in Dynamo at all and to simply export your data in some way from GH (via panel stream or excel or whatever) and then rebuild only the geometry/data in Dynamo the way you need it (I do this often as I prefer the speed of Rhino’s Geometry Engine to Dynamo’s for design (sorry dynamo devs, you know I love Dynamo, but Rhino wins in when it comes to Geometry :smile:) and there are a lot more plugins that I might need in GH). And there is of course Rhynamo, which I find is my least favourite option, but some people use this and find it perfect for their needs.

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