Contents of a list into multiline codeblock

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Hello everyone!

Is it possible to convert the contents of a list into multiline codeblock or similar? Because I need separate output fields for every single element of that list.




To do it manually you can type (In the Code Block):


This will give you the item of list ‘0’ at indice ‘0’ and so on. i.e. If you had more sub lists you would go: Var[0][1][2] and so on an so forth (Where each number corresponds to an indice).

I don’t know how to make this ‘smart’ per see and get what your after sadly. But it’s a start, no?!

Hello Sol!

It’s definitely a start. Thanks

I’m trying to make Var[a][b] to work though. Say if the indices are parameters.

Look at the images below. Even the Var[a][1] works, but not Var[a][b] !!

Any thoughts on that ?



Image 13







Image 14


I was trying to do this same thing the other day. It seems to ignore when you have an input for the indices.