Access Multiple Items in nested array with Code block

How would I access multiple items in nested array within a code block? Is it possible using the shorthand syntax below? I have been able to access multiple items from a single array within the list but neither Single or multiple items from multiple arrays . Thanks

I guess the easiest thing to do would be to wrap the indexes you need in a DS function:

Thanks guys I’ve learn alot, I feel this will open up many more controls of nested lists.

One more questions Vikram, are the values in the <> defining the list level? As is I add another level of nesting to the list and then copy add , {0}<3> it fails

Msg warning Balloon says “Warning: Cannot find static method or constructor DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex()”

Dynamo Nested Array Access one level deeper

List.GetItemAtIndex requires only two parameters/arguments - list and index


So providing three arguments while calling the function results in an error.

The numbers within the angled brackets are replication guides. You can read more about them here

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