How to retrieve an entire sublist if it any item in the sublist contains an item


How do I retrieve an entire sublist if it any item in the sublist contains an item? I want the entire sublist filtered out if the bool mask contains true in any of the sublist line items. Thanks!

You want List.ContainsItem in this case. It will check an entire list (or sublist) for an item.

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feed your bool list through a LIST.ANYTRUE node or LIST. ALL FALSE @lvl2, can’t rememeber the package. then pick the sublist by index of true from the returned list.

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Wait, that messes up my list structure and retriving all indices of true doenst work. What am I doing wrong?

Does the object your looking for equal “Warning” exactly? Can you show one of the warning objects in the list you’re filtering through?


You have to look for the exact item.

Well I do want “Warning”, but I want it as any word in any line in any index of any sublist. It may not be alone in the string

Then you’ll have to use the method @slepagetrudeau proposed. Find any item that contains warning, then use either of those nodes mentioned, or List.ContainsItem, to find sublists that contain True.


Ok yeah that works better

just a quick question on this, why do I have to set the list.allfalse @ lvl2? I thought that if you didnt run a node at levels, it defaulted to level 2. So why change it?

Oh, it might. I’am a control freak.

No other reason than to be clear. As long as it works I don’t bother it.

well, i still dont understand levels. thats why I asked. I could very easily be wrong…