Connect new conduits created via Dynamo

I’m trying to create a 4-point saddle for conduits. The script cut the existing conduits in 5 pieces discarding the second and fourth segments, then create conduits from the remaining lines and connect them via MEPover nodes and finally delete the original conduit which is when I lose the connection with the rest of the run. I need to reconnect the newly created conduits with the rest of the run. I tried the script suggested by truevis here without success.
Can anyone help me?

in other words, how can I connect a conduit to a fitting?

Delete the fitting, and use MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves with the two conduits.

Thanks for the reply @truevis, I was hoping for something more straight forward since that solution creates another problem.

I think you can move its endpoint but it won’t be connected. Same as through the Revit UI.

Consider recreating the whole Run.