Connect GUID's and transfer element information

I have an Excel-sheet with a list of IfcGUID’s (several hundreds) and a list of Values that is connected to each IfcGUID.

What is the fastest and robust algorithm (node’s and sequence) to match that list with IfcGUID’s in the Revit-file. And then write the correct values accordingly?

Note! Assuming that I have the IfcGUID on the instances in the Revit-file. This is achieved by the setting (store IfcGUID in model when export to IFC).

can you post a picture of what excel sheet have ?
another question, does this excel sheet made from this Revit file previously ?

Hi, the workflow is:

  • Export to IFC, from this Revit-file (IfcGuid is stored on each instance)
  • IFC-file is used in another software that generates a value
  • That new value would be nice to write to the same instances in Revit.

The Excel-file has basically two columns: IfcGuid and Value.

The only thing that is bothering me, is how to make a “look up” algortihm that matches IfcGuids and writes corresponding value.

can this software include element ID in this excel sheet ? it would be the perfect match

Nope. That other software only use IfcGUID. but if I had the element-ID, how would the script look?

you can match between element by their ID’s in different ways, dictionary nodes one of them,
if you could give upload a sample of your work it would be great to help you

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