Connect and group lines

Hey guys,

I have some lines I would like to make 1 line of or get the min and max point of but I do not know how I can group this correctly. Does anyone have an idea?

From the different mini-lines left (3 groups, the mini-lines are connected so distance is 0) I would like to create the 3 big lines on the right. If there are more lines or more groups it should also work.

If the lines are connected (overlapping start/end points) then you should be able to convert them to a polycurve.

Sorry, let me rephrase,

The lines have 1 similar point, but are different lines in the list. It’s one big list and my biggest question is how do you sort it in a way to convert the right lines to a polycurve.

These are the lines/points I am actually working with.

My biggest problem is that I don’t know how to group the lines in a correct way to convert the right polycurve.

If the lines actually connect then Group Curves (from archi-lab) should do everything for you. If they don’t actually connect and are just really close, you may have to modify them a little bit or do some manual grouping.


You, my friend, are a lifesaver.

It does exactly what i’ve been trying to do. Thanx a lot!!