Revit MEP 2018 - Circuit Path

Does anyone know of any custom/OTB Dynamo nodes or python scripts that access the new “Circuit Path” feature in the new release of Revit 2018?

Thanks in advance!


paths = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
elecPath_list = list()

for path in paths:
OUT = elecPath_list

“GetCircuitPath()” is the mechanism that retrieves the actual paths. It will return vectors for the paths (I think) as a list from which you can sweep conduit and such. You can refer to the new API features via the docs for other calls for these things.

“SetCircuitPath()” would work similar to change the existing paths.

Use an element collector for “Electrical Circuits” to get all existing circuit paths in the model, The code above then parses each segment to a new list.

Similar code to this can be used with Spatial Calc Points etc…