Computational / Generative design / analysis for Land Develomnet

Has anyone tried or come across examples of Dynamo being used to solve:

  1. Parking lot / stall configurations
  2. Grading designs for drainage optimization
  3. Surface optimization for lot layouts
  4. Contour manipulation for cut / fill optimization
  5. Development layout for hundreds of parcels
  6. Site searching and layout testing

Any examples would be exciting to discuss.


Kyle Martin has shared some Dynamo definitions for architectural programming in this forum. Search for it.

The Texas A&M BIM-SIM Lab has done something along those lines, although I am not sure they have used Dynamo for it:

There is a PhD dissertation by Jong Bum Kim, also from Texas A&M University who deals with advanced parametric design for urban developments, considering all the building codes (setback, building height, density, etc.). Again, I am not sure if they used Dynamo (I know it’s some sort of API).

Hope this helps.

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Something like this?