Defaultdict from Collections Implementation

Dear Team,

First of all thanks for continuous improvement. I have developed a python code and its utilizes “defaultdict” from collections. I have looked around but couldn’t find a solution.

I have also read the documentation here for revit dynamo rapper “”. But i guess this is not related with Revit-Dynamo team.

Is there a way to resolve this issue.


Have you imported sys like this?

Oh that’s great @T_Pover :).

I have just run into another issue now since some of my element input could be empty cell. And I am not able to find out the type of entry. It seems like they should be a list but when I am trying to check it using syntax type(). I am getting IronPython.Runtime.Types.PythonType.

What could be the best way to get their type probably by running the loop and checking the type of each element and then saving it into another variable or?
names = IN[1]
and then
OUT = type(names)

You can use names.GetType() instead.