Duplicate GUIDs - I thought this was not possible?

Greetings all, relatively new Dynamo user here so forgive me if this is easy. I’m working on a dynamo definition for retrieving sheet data from multiple linked models and I believe I’ve stumbled onto the impossible.

In the attached image you can see that I’m pulling unique sheets data from the two linked models, the sheet numbers are not the same. However, the sheet ElementIds AND GUIDs are exactly the same. I had heard that ElementsIds can match so I started looking into GUIDs to troubleshoot some odd behavior I have elsewhere in the definition (I’m sure I’ll need to post on that one later!)

So, what gives, I thought GUIDs were magically globally unique? Thanks all!

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Andreas, thank you! That provides some much needed clarity.

So what was the actual answer in this case? That duplicate GUIDs come from using the same template to create projects?
If so, is there a reliable method for ensuring GUIDS will be different when greating multiple projects, such as re-saving an existing workshared project as central.
(A ‘randomise all guids’ tool might be useful).