Comparing Point coordinates with Space coordinates

Hi all,

i hoping someone can help me finish this dynamo script. @Steven @Kulkul

im trying to isolate any wires/curves that are in more than one room. so that i can apply a filter to it so it displays as a dashed line rather than a solid.

i was planning to just add a value to the comments parameter and use a filter to change its display

i followed this topic to get somewhere near…

Wires.rvt (2.6 MB)
Circuits across spaces.dyn (11.6 KB)

can anyone suggest a way i can get a list of wires that cross more than one room?



You could use:

To check if your boundingbox around your curve intersects the boundingbox around your room, this will negate you only looking at the endpoints.

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Thanks Jonathan!,

this seems to have got me closer, i now have a count value on the rooms the wires cover.

so if its a true more than once then it cross rooms.

do you know a way i can isolate the wire to push it into the set parameter node?


You could use something like a boolmask to filter out the relevant values as it is your elements you need to feed the “setparameterbyname” node (the node will not know the values 1,1 and 2 :slight_smile: )

Have a look here and get inspired:

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Thank you again Jonathan!!

it working perfectly now.

i added the bool mask node and a second one to reset the values back if the wires change back to 1 space.

now to see if works on a large project! :grinning::+1::+1::+1:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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