Comparing List of Booleans with Sublists of Booleans

I’m trying to compare a list of booleans in order with several sublists of booleans. There are four indexes in each sublist and I want to see if the booleans occur in a specific order. In the example below all sublists in the order TTFF should return true, but the List.Contains node doesn’t seem to get me there.

I’ve used the == node, but that compares items, not lists. I have also tried different level inputs and listings. This seems to get me the closest (proper number of outputs, but not the correct result).


Without seeing whats feeding the List.Transpose I am not sure this will work for you but it might. If you use a Not node on the lists feeding items [2] and [3] it will give you the inverse. Then all you would need to do is check to see if the list is all true.

You can see below the [0] comes out true with Not and if you look at the lower List.Transpose [0] is correct.

You would have to use == and an AllTrue node to find the exact matches.

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