Compare Wall Type Widths Against a List of Widths

I have collated a list of Wall Type widths and wish to compare against a small list of desired widths and return via boolean filter mask the applicable wall types only. I think l am nearly there, but it is currently returning the incorrect via the mask, yet on a single basis obviously fine. Any thoughts?

You can filter out Wall Types (or Wall Instances with subtle changes) with allowed Wall Width this way:

Many thanks for your reply.

Looks great.

My scenario is similar, but different. I have a list of widths (calculated), which l require to be cross-referenced against pre-existing Wall Type widths. However, what is being returned is not correct. Note, no walls are modelled at this point.

I have attempted to introduce your suggestion where l believe is applicable for my scenario.

Here is just 1 desired width check, yet it returns a false value.

From what I can see I think you need to make the list structure of the pink and the azure node the same. I would try to flatten it to match

I shall look into that now David. Many thanks for your time and patience.

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Hi David,

That helped.

Now for wall placement, correlating order of original curves and placing the appropriate wall type relating to width per location.

I can get it to place all the walls, however, they are not in the correct order upon placement. Dare l ask any thoughts?

Walls placed, but not relating to width per location.

Resolved workflow.