Compare list value with operator

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create a script to identify the wall doesn’t meet the requirement such as R-value rating.
I’ve set 3 groups of shared parameters interns for fire-rating, R-value, and Acoustic. Each group has an instance and a type parameter.
I’ve managed to get both instance and type parameter in dynamo in two lists. But when I use “great than” to compare these two lists. the output I have are all null.
I’ve tested this node with two dummy simple lists and the output is true or false, which is what I want.
Really appreciate anyone could help. Thank you

Hi @Macchi

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You need to make sure that Object types of X and Y are both the same before you connect to >= node. Use Object.Type node to see there types. If any one of them is string type then use String.ToNumber to convert it to double.

Good Luck!

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Thank you Kulkul.

String.ToNumber is the way to go.