Compare a value from Revit with All cells in a MS Excel

Hi, Forum
I am very glad for this forum. I am working on a “check routine”, that is looking through an excel sheet for numbers from Revit door parameter. Dynamo has to check 8 cells on 10 rows in excel 10 times with number from Revit “Doors” parameter. So there a 10x10x8 checks = 800. It looks like it is working, but i am only getting one row out of the Filter. I hope you all understand how the routine should work! Please do not hesitate to ask !!!

What am i doing wrong ? And hopefully some working routines…

Thank you all …

Karsten - The new Dynamo programmer :slight_smile:

Why not try a dictionary
Your Revit parameter value and corresponding Excel cell (B6 for example)
Row 6 in excel would hold your other values

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Hi Marcel,
What are you meaning with “a dictionary” ?
Is that a Node ?

@kamuYAGW8 Something like this?


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If you click the url above and see only one page
and read chapter 09

Hello AmolShah,
Looks like a good graph… I will try it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Marcel,
I will try to read the chapter, and do some tests.
Anyway… Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: How can i greet you ?

Hi AmolShah,
I am trying to use your “filter/compare” graph, but it does not work. It should let the value “#QQC59886” pass because there is at match… Can you see what is wrong ?

@kamuYAGW8 Remove the levels @L1 & @L2 and it should work just fine