Combining two lists

How to combine the elements of one list at the end of another one? In the left side of the red rectangle I have two lists. How do I manipulate them to obtain the result shown on the right? Thanks! Dynamoquestion


AddItemToEnd would be one option.

As you have more than two lists List.Join node is another choice. (To create a 1d list based on the first half of your question) otherwise follow dimitars example

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Dimitar, That is what I thought, but am getting this. A bug? DynamoHelp2

I think is a bug in the incremental release

Works fine in 9.2

Filing it on Git



20160430-2 20160430-2a

Sorry, my example was done in 0.82. The node behavior was changed around 0.91/2. You’ll have to either use List.Map or rep guides as the others have shown above.