Combining pieces of information in a sub list

Hi all,

Is there a way to do the following?

I am trying to identify all the walls that have the same orientation in each sub-list and combine them together into one value as you see in the blue text at the top of the screen.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Where does the “-24,54” come from?

You need to convert the list to strings if it’s not already, then strip each line down to only the information you want to compare. Two options that come to mind would be to remove characters from the end of the string or split the string at the dashes… it just depends on how similar your strings are.

The 24,54m² comes from the combination of the two individual values… That is what I mean by combining them into one value, so basically doing an addition of the area based on the wall orientation. All these values are currently strings.

Gotcha. I would split the strings into their orientation and lengths. Group all walls with the same orientation, then sum up their lengths. GroupByKey should be able to do both the orientation and the values.

Thanks very much Nick, appreciate the assistance! :slight_smile: Will give that a go!