Combining list values for parameters


Im looking for a way in Dytnamo to check if their are duplicate IDs in the one list, if there is then take the “Room.Name” string and concatenate it.

from the below screenshot I’m trying to get an output of :

0 : open plane office / shared area 2
1 : single room 3
2 : Room 9


First thoughts about that :

You have a List.UniqueItems method on Dynamo that permits you to remove duplicate from a list of elements. From there, you can get all the indices of each element and concatenate the corresponding room names. That should get you started.

Edit : Here it is :slight_smile:


Solved: GOOD JOB!

Glad I helped !

You can use List.Levels in String.join (as my screen suggest), if you don’t want to create an additionnal list level :slight_smile: