Pairing a 1 to many list

I have two lists, one is Room Name, and one is Occupancy Load Factor. I need to create a list that reads all of the room names and all of the Occupancy Load Factor, and show only the unique values between the two lists. One office may have a 150 OLF, another office (Same name) may have a 50 OLF. So I need to create a list that has all unique names, and all (Matching) unique OLF values to the unique name.

I’m absolutely losing my mind trying to pair the list. Any help on this would be massively appreciated!

Hello JPParker,

Is this what you are after? Simply replace my two code blocks with the output of your Element.GetParameterValueByname nodes :slight_smile:


Man, I swear I tried that!!! Thank you @solamour !!! I ended up getting to the same solution using a lot more nodes and a really crappy process, but it worked, going to remove it all with your string here and dump what I was doing! (If you want a good laugh…) I’ll sum this one up as a case of too many processes in my brain at once!

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Glad to hear it! :partying_face: