Collect room names

Hi, I want to minimize the list of rooms, I mean to collect all have server names in the same row and all meetings in the second one.

Try using a filter with something like String.Contains.

I am trying this but still didn’t complete

As Nick has suggested, you can use a String.Contains node with “server” and another with “meeting”.

You will also have to use a dictionary to associate the actual rooms with their names.

thanks, @cgartland but I don’t want this will explain to you what I mean I just want all rooms in the same list but without duplicating to the start name of rooms like this image

Do you get it my point @cgartland @Nick_Boyts?

What is your end goal? What are you trying to accomplish? This may help us find a better overall solution for you.

ok, my final goal is export layers of rooms to auto cad so I need all room has the same start at the list to keep in one layer so I need all rooms without duplication

My first question would be why are you including a number in the room name when they already have a room number? It would be much easier to just name them “server” or “meeting” and use the room number to differentiate.

image image I want to convert this list to other

List.UniqueItems will give you the unique values, but I’m guessing you would still want your elements filtered. I’m still having a little trouble understanding exactly what your situation is.

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thanks, Nick it’s working finially