Combining 2 arcs into a single geometry for input into Geometry.DistanceTo node

I’m looking for guidance on how best to combine 2 arcs into a single geometry before being input into a Geometry.DistanceTo node to be used a attractors amongst a point grid?

I’ve tried using Group Curves node, Element.JoinGeometry node, Curve.Join node and combining 2 Curve.PointsAtEqualChordLength nodes with a List Create node before inputting into the Geometry.DistanceTo node but nothing seems to be working. I’d greatly appreciate a fresh set of eyes. Thanks!

panel infill_2018.07.30.dyn (202.6 KB)

Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves might interest you.

Thanks for sharing Jacob!
I’m having trouble inputting my two arcs into the node. Is it because they are detached? I tried using Curve.Join node as an intermediary to the polycurve.byjoinedcurves node but still no luck.
I then tried using 2 polycurve.byjoinedcurves nodes: one for each arc and then combining their polycurve output with an element.joingeometry before inputting into the geometry.distanceto node. still no luck.

@daniel.tran Can you not process the two geometries separately and use a distance comparison to alter the output?


Thank you Ewan! You are a Dynamo ninja!

this is what I came up:

would you have done anything differently?

Looks like it all works, nice job @daniel.tran :+1:

As usual with Revit / Dynamo there are many ways to get an end result that suits.
Here is another example. :grinning:


@daniel.tran and @Ewan_Opie can you post your final solutions ?

All OOTB nodes, so no dependencies :grinning: (please note this example is prepared for a face with 4 sides)
Dynamo 1.3 - Face Voids using Attractors.dyn (40.1 KB)


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