Combine Sublists of Boolean Values

I’ve been trying to filter the views of a project using a defined list of values. I’ve created a list in the image below to show what I would like to get out of this. When i try using List.AnyTrue from Clockwork I’m getting 4 indices instead of the complete list.I assume this is because i’m using a list of 4 to search. This occurs because the “1” occurs in 2 of the 6 in the original list. Any thoughts to not truncate this list so that it combines all the sublists to show true if it exists otherwise show false? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Can you share your dataset of bools as an exported CSV so I can test. I believe a list.contains node with a true value should get you the correct result if you set the lacing to longest.

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For whatever reason the CSV kept reporting nulls so i just quickly recreated with code block.Test True Values.dyn (2.8 KB)

My thought was right, or I think so based on your question. Try this:

Test True Values edit.dyn (5.8 KB)

Also be careful with searches for values like “1” as you’re going to pull every instance of 1 in the name (21 and 1 will both pull true.

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Great thanks…yeah I was thinking about that… I was trying to create a way to account for what I needed without user input to make it more automated…ultimately I was trying to get a list of views that could be used to duplicate based on a value inputted in a text file.

Thanks again for the help and input.