Combine "Level and Base Constraint" parameter


I am currently listing material takeoff schedule as a multiple categories.
But I found that the “Level” parameter is not associated with wall families as you see in the photo.
(it is only associated to floors and ceilings)
I think Wall families are only associated with “Base Constraint” parameter.
The problem is Multiple category schedule doesn’t have “Base Constraint” parameter.

To solve this issue I thought it would be great if I can make a parameter that combines “Level and Base Constraint parameter”.

I thought it can be done in dynamo :slight_smile: Please help me.

You don’t need Dynamo for the job.
Make a shared parameter like “Level for Calculation” and make it has the same value from each Level and BaseConstraint for each Category elements.
Of course it will be much easier if you use Dynamo when you copy the original values to shared parameter.