"Base Constraint" - Wall's parameters

Hi! Can someone help to get the “Base Constraint” parameter from a Wall with Dynamo? I’m new using this i want to do it to get a filter view, i already made a Share parameter to put the “Base Constraint” value and then i could make a filter with this elements. So, i want to show you what i’ve done already and maybe you can see where is my problem, Thanks!

What is the parameter type of your shared parameter? Can you show the error that is displayed? It looks like you’re feeding in the wrong data type for the value, currently you’re feeding it a Revit level. If you want it to write the name of the level to that parameter, you can use an element.name node to extract the name of the level then feed that into your value.

See this example.

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Note that Base Constraint returns Elements, not text/numbers.

If you want to feed all of that into a shared parameter, you’ll have to convert to string first.


Hi Patrick! Thanks a lot for reply! you’re right! I was feeding an element (Revit Level), not feedin’ the Share paramenter value, here is the warning that Dynamo created:

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Awesome! If you’re ever wondering what the data type is that you’re outputting, you can always use the Object.Type node to see if you’re working with a string, number or Revit element.

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Thanks Patrick for the Tip! It is appreciated! :ok_hand: :100:

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You’re welcome!