Combination of two lists with conditions

Hey, i would like to combine these two lists.

The Problem is, that i don´t know how to create these condition:

When the first entry of the first list is the same like the first entry of the second list (+h), than add the second entry of the second list to the first entry of the first list.

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  1. String.StartsWith to test if the item in the integers list starts the first item in the sub lists of the suffix list.

  2. Get the item at index 1 of each sublist.

  3. Add a dash before each of those string values (you may need to convert to a string first).

  4. Use the test in step 1 to perform an if statement to return the dash combined suffix value when true, when false return an empty string.

  5. Use a + node to join the integer list and suffix value list together.

Okay, thank you for your Reply. But unfortunatly the String.startswith is only searching for the first entry of the list… in this case ,1h´´.

Cross product lacing on your String.StartsWith.

Come to think of it with the H added to the end of the list you may be better off with an == node instead of the String.StartsWith node from a speed standpoint. Hard to say.

Had some fun with python:

Python code:

vals = IN[0]
check = IN[1]

vallist = []
for v in vals:
    checkvalue = [t for t in check if str(v)+"h" == t[0]]

OUT = ["%s - %s" %(i,v) for i,v in vallist]

Edit: Looking back at the first post and your latest, did you want the h in the final string?

Ok now make it work on level 2 of a 6 deep nested list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me an example of the structure. I would like to practice more recursion and lambda functions.

I’ll PM you to keep this closer to the original topic.

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Nice, thank you very much! And yes, ich want the ,h´´ in the final string, so everything is optimal :slight_smile: