Combining 2 lists


Given these 2 lists, is it possible to clear the empty lines and combine them preserving the indexes?

TesteAgrupamentoParedes.rvt (2.8 MB)
teste_reconhecePortasJanelasSomaEspessuraParedes.dyn (82.0 KB)

Just use a simple IF statement. If item is empty in List1, use item in List2, else use item in List1.

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I’m sorry, but I could not do it by myself :pensive:

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The test input needs to be a boolean (list). Right now you’re feeding it a function because it has no inputs in the codeblock. You want to check to see if the items in List1 are empty strings ("") and use that as your condition.

You can simplify this into a single code block like so:
List1 == "" ? List2 : List1;

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Thanks @Nick_Boyts and @Daan

I didn’t know I could use "" for the empty entries. Worked like a charm!