Column on wrong level (StructuralFraming.ColumnByCurve)

I want my column on level 1 but it is located on level 0. How do I get the column to the right level?

Hi @s163803,

Your curve must be in the correct ‘Z’ coordinates. Right now you are say the first point ‘X’ is located at datum 0 (Z=0), The top of the column is 1000 from 0 (Z=100).

You have assassinated the column at level 1 but the column top and bottom can be place anywhere along the Z axis relative to Z=0

You will need to adjust your ‘Z’ coordinate as follows:
x = (0,0,5000)
y = (5000,0,6000)

Hope this Helps.

Hi @cescobido

It works but… what does the Level option even do then?
It seems like the model does not change though another level is picked.

It does exactly what it say, it is the association only for the Column